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FREE Dental Care - for Carers!
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Event Date: 06/05/2017 00:00 ~ 06/05/2017 00:00



500 Free Dental Appointments

Lumino Day - Gift for Carers


Carers NZ is pleased to announce a partnership with Lumino the Dentists to recognise and celebrate family carers. Lumino is devoting one day of free dental treatments nationwide. Each appointment will include a dental exam, x-rays, clean and any basic treatment, at no cost to carers.


This project is an outcome of our Year of Wellbeing for carers, reminding them that to support others well, they need to care well for themselves too!



Giving back to the community - if you are a family carer, book your free Lumino appointment




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Lumino Day
Saturday 6th May 2017

Click below to register your interest.  We will send you details of your local participating Lumino dentist and confirm your free treatment.




More Information


If you would like more information, click below to see a description of the day and some frequently asked questions.
Or email us here with your specific question.






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